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DT 60/102, DT 65/102

  • For the first time in history, Atlas Copco has launched a Roots blower with an integrated control unit in an insulating canopy. And while maintaining compact dimensions.

“We offer our customers what they want and what they have been using for many years, a reliable machine at a very affordable price, “says Dan FiĊĦer, Product Manager for Roots Blower Technology. “The new blower package with the integrated electronics Mk5 can be provided in fix speed or VSD variant. “

By delivering the right amount of air required by your application, VSD units with an integrated controller contribute to smooth and cost-effective operation.


  • Elektronikon® Mk5

A full-color display that makes it easy to monitor your device´s operating status.  Elektronikon® works as the “brain“ of the blower by collecting data from the sensors, processing them and providing an overview.